How to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards, Codes | No Survey | 2018 Latest Tutorial

Hi mate! How are you? I know you love your Xbox and want to play more games without paying extra bucks. Don’t worry! In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how you can get free Xbox cards with 3 different ranges of $ 25, $ 50 and $ 100. The only condition for getting these cards is to follow this tutorial as it is and do not break away anytime without completing all the steps else you will not receive the Xbox gift codes.

Step 1
Go to this website and select the Xbox logo.

Step 2
You will be prompted to select the card of your desired amount. Remember, the bigger car you select, the more you have to work through to get it.

Step 3
The free Xbox gift card generator website will start rendering the settings for you and soon you will see that it is trying to find the suitable gift code. Wait while it finds the best settings for you.

Step 4
You may be prompted with a human verification dialogue box. The trick here is to visit the main website stated in step 1 using your mobile phone. When you visit it using your Android or iOS device, you will not be prompted to do a survey rather you can install just one app and get your code immediately.

That’s it! After completing the human verification dialogue box, you will receive your free Xbox gift card. To make the work easier for you, we have already tried this and here are our results.

Our results with the Xbox gift card generator

So, remember to do all the steps as stated in the tutorial above and make sure to comment below if you have any problems. You can also use our contact us page. Thank you for reading this tutorial. May you have a great day!

How to rank your JV website – three simple steps you can follow

In this post, we will talk about how you can rank your JV site to the top position without investing too much in it. This post is both for beginners as well as for intermediates.


Find a good quality keyword

Finding a good quality low competition keyword is the first requirement to rank a website. To find good quality keywords you need some good keyword tool like Traffic Travis or longtail pro or market Samurai.

In this example, I will use Traffic Travis to find good quality keywords. Open Traffic Travis and click the research tab.

Although it’s available for $ 97 but you can search for traffic Travis discount code, and there are various sites that provide a discount of $ 60.



Enter in your AdWords details, if you haven’t already done so.


It will start fetching data and report to you when it gets finished. When finished, you will see a list of keywords, depending on how much is selected 50 – 100 – 500.


When this says high competition, it doesn’t mean that it is quite hard to rank for it. What this does mean is that many Adwords publishers are trying to purchase a bid for it. You should Select good amount of keywords that you want to rank for. Make sure they have least 3000 searches per month.

After that go to the SEO tab and select competition subsection within it.

Paste all your keywords and let it find out the competition. If it says, the competition for this keyword is “easy” or “relatively easy” then all those keywords are good to go.

keyword density


Write a 1000 word blog post with good on-page

Now you have to write a good 1000 word blog post on it. Make sure the keyword density for a three-word keyword should not exceed 1% and if you’re keywords is four words make sure it’s not more than .7%.

Here is a small chart that will make it easier for you to remember.


Start bookmarking and linking it

Once your blog post is published, and Google has indexed it, start building links to it. The first thing you should do is to bookmark and share your link on all the main social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


After that, you can start serious link building. There are various tutorials available on how to do good back linking, start reading forums like BlackHatWorld or use the guide shared by Matthew Woodword.

Affiliate sites see dip with the new Panda 4.2 update

Google is doing significant changes since the Panda initial update of 2011. The primary focus of big G is around giving quality results to searchers and reducing the ranking potential of affiliate sites.

Many affiliate sites have reported that without any changes in their structure or backlinks, they have been downgraded. Although Panda 4.2 focuses on majorly increasing the quality of content available for the search engine, that is not all. Moz and search engine watch are reporting that Google is more and more focusing on authority sites and ranking them even higher than before.

Panda 4.2

Personal searches by Jv2win have revealed that authority sites are ranking far better after the initial release of Panda 4.2. Our web desk team found out that in coupon sites retail me not is ranking far better than before. Google is now confirmed that on the 4.2 will not be a quick update; rather it will be done in phases. It means that “Google dance” will continue for some more weeks.

Google is doing major updates to enhance its search engine and reduce lower quality sites that are ranking higher in its search rankings. It initially released Panda to counter thin/duplicate/spun content in late 2011. Panda refined versions are coming to date. Other updates like Penguin focused on penalizing those sites that are indulged in black hat methods of backlink building. Penguin heavily penalized the heavy use of same anchor text in back link building.

Google says that these updates have increased such quality and reduced lower quality sites potential to rank on top pages, Many marketers don’t agree. A very well-known marketer on an Internet marketing forum told Jv2win, “these are all done to increase AdWords revenue is, all else is bu****t”. These things are done to increase profit and make Google even a bigger giant, he said. Jv2win cannot confirm or deny these charges, but these types of Theories reverberate among various marketers.

It would be interesting to see how much Panda 4.2 result in changing the web results when it’s completely implemented. Jv2win will follow through on this story and notify you about for the changes.